Borderline Investigations

Jun 1

So I keep seeing this new cover (top) and it looks really cool and whatnot but some artists who draw Green Arrow need to develop a better understanding of archery, or even just how bows work. Look at Shado’s bow in this picture. It’s at full draw and the limbs aren’t flexed at all. If she released the string now the arrow would simply fall on the floor, as there is clearly no tension on the string. Besides the poor illustration, one of the signature features of Shado is that she is a practitioner of the Japanese martial art Kyudo and uses a full Yumi Dai asymmetrical bow (this is also ignored in the Arrow show where she is depicted as Chinese). Mike Grell created an amazing character with Shado, not really a villain or a hero but a counterpart to Green Arrow. He also always displayed an advanced knowledge of archery in his writing and illustrating. The point is that today’s artists need to do some research on bows and archery, and they should not be so quick to ignore complex features of great supporting characters.